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Counterfeit products

At A Little Lovely Company we’re working very hard every day to create beautiful and original items. Our mission is to bring a smile to faces all over the world. Unfortunately, our popularity has a downside too: our products and designs are getting copied a lot. We’re quite unhappy about that and we’re doing our utmost best to counteract it. Would you please help us? Together we can make sure that everyone can enjoy our original and high quality products!

Intellectual property rights

Our website and the contents thereof are protected by copyright law and the intellectual property rights are owned by A Little Lovely Company(Little Lovely Holding B.V.). A Little Lovely Company reserves all rights. All information provided on our website, in any shape or form, is protected by copyright law, trademark law, trade name law and/or other (intellectual) property laws and remains property of A Little Lovely Company at all times.
It is not allowed to reuse, copy or make available to the public any text, photo material or other material from this website without explicit authorization in writing. 

Design patent protection

Little Lovely Holding B.V., the holding company of ALLC has filed design patent applications in the European Union and abroad, with the official intellectual property offices, for our little lights and many other of our designs.

The following products are covered by the design patent applications and registrations, for details click on the product name.

♥ Little light: Cloud and the Big cloud light

Little light: Unicorn and Table light: Unicorn

Little light: T-Rex and Table light: T-Rex

 Little light: Brontosaurus and Table light: Brontosaurus

 Little light: Bunny

 Little light: Deer

 Little light: Duck

 Little light: Whale

 Money box: Shooting Star

 Neon style light: Heart - yellow

 Neon style light: Heart - pink

 Neon style light: Lightning bolt - yellow

 Neon style light: Lightning bolt - blue

 Neon style light: Love - yellow

 Neon style light: Love - pink

 Neon style light: Cloud - yellow

 Neon style light: Cloud - blue

For any questions on ALLC’s design patent filings and copyright protection please contact


In addition, ALLC owns three-dimensional sculptural copyrights protecting the artistic works of its products’ ornamental designs, including for the distinctive designs and face of all its Little lights, including the Cloud, Moon, Unicorn,T-Rex, Bronto, Bunny, Duck, Deer, etc.

Furthermore, all designs as depicted on packaging, backpacks, cushions, posters and other products are exclusive designs of ALLC and protected under the Dutch copyright act 1912. Use thereof (reproduction or publication) by third parties is not allowed, unless specifically authorized by us. We have the right to take (legal) action against infringers.
We specifically registered the Little light: Cloud and Big cloud light as a copyright, and it is covered by the following copyrights:

  • Copyright protection in the Netherlands and on the basis of the Bern convention in most other countries in the world
  • Chinese copyright registration no. 2017Z11S089318


ALLC has established a comprehensive trademark portfolio on A LITTLE LOVELY COMPANY and its logo domestically and abroad and the rights thereto are exclusively owned by Little Lovely Holding B.V.
For any questions on ALLC’s copyright and trademark filings / protection please contact

Counterfeit products and Knock-off's

All our products, trademarks and logos are designed with care and love and they are protected under relevant intellectual property laws. Our lovely products meet strict quality standards and we fight counterfeit on a daily basis. We do need your help in our battle against counterfeit. Whenever you suspect a store, a web shop or other website from selling counterfeit products, please let us now through We highly appreciate any form of help.

Frequently asked questions

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> What’s the risk involved with buying a product in a store or from a web shop that’s not an official A Little Lovely Company sales outlet?

> In what way can I confirm that I purchased an original product?

> What does A Little Lovely Company do about this problem?

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