Counterfeit products

At A Little Lovely Company we’re working very hard every day to create beautiful and original items. Our mission is to bring a smile to faces all over the world. Unfortunately, our popularity has a downside too: our products and designs are getting copied a lot. We’re quite unhappy about that and we’re doing our utmost best to counteract it. Would you please help us? Together we can make sure that everyone can enjoy our original and high quality products!

Intellectual property rights

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Counterfeit products

All our products, trademarks and logos are designed with care and love and they are protected under relevant intellectual property laws. Our lovely products meet strict quality standards and we fight counterfeit on a daily basis. We do need your help in our battle against counterfeit. Whenever you suspect a store, a web shop or other website from selling counterfeit products, please let us now through We highly appreciate any form of help.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How can I ascertain that the product I have purchased is an original A Little Lovely Company product?
A: Our original products are sold through,, in our flagship stores Little Lovely Living and through registered resellers. A list of official sales outlets can be found on our website.

Q: What’s the risk involved with buying a product in a store or from a web shop that’s not an official A Little Lovely Company sales outlet?
A: You are risking buying a counterfeit product, made from material possibly dangerous or harmful to your health. You then also support criminal organizations, who often resort to forced labor or child labor in their production process. What is more, those organizations will then also avail of your personal and financial records.

Q: In what way can I confirm that I purchased an original product?
A: In case of doubt please send an e-mail to We will provide you with further information to check whether your product is an original or counterfeit.

Q: What does A Little Lovely Company do about this problem?
A: We are very serious about our fight against counterfeit and we have a Legal Department committed to make sure you buy the original products. We take action against the production and sale of counterfeit products on a worldwide scale and work together with customs, legal advisors and other organizations to accomplish this. We do not shy away from taking legal action against infringers.